Verderair HI-CLEAN Sanitary pump range

The Verderair HI-CLEAN is a series of hygienic and food grade air operated diaphragm and piston pumps. The HI-CLEAN pumps are designed for operation in hygienic and food processing applications, such as pumping dairy (cream, cream cheese and yoghurt) and basic ingredients for fruit syrups or concentrates for the manufacturing of fruit juices & personal care.
In addition, the Verderair HI-CLEAN pumps handle a huge diversity of fluids, whether they are high or low viscous, quick or low floating or to pump media with large solids. The HI-CLEAN pumps can pump fluids at temperatures  up to +135 °C.

Verderair HI-CLEAN Food Grade design (FD)

Verderair HI-CLEAN food grade pumps are specially constructed for use in the food processing industry. 

Verderair HI-CLEAN series 3A, SB, SF

This Verderair HI-CLEAN series of air operated diaphragm pumps are having a special design to make them suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning. 

Verderair HI-CLEAN Sanitary Piston Pumps (SP)

The Verderair HI-CLEAN pump series SP are 2.5:1 air operated piston pumps who can easily handle media up-to 75.000 mPas (cPs).