Verderair PURE double diaphragm pumps

A robust series of double diaphragm pumps, produced from one-piece solid and pure PE or PTFE (also conductive). The Verderair Pure is designed for heavy-duty operation, harsh liquids and severe process conditions, such as manufacturing of photovoltaic solar panels. The series have fewer material stress points due to the solid Block Construction.

The high efficient full PTFE pumps have an increased productivity with an up to 30% higher flow rate and reduced operational cost because of lower air consumption and reduced maintenance.
The fully integrated air valve can be serviced in only minutes.

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The Verderair Pure diaphragm pumps handle a large variety of fluids, high or low viscous, abrasive or thixotropic, hazardous or toxic. A diversity of media such as sludge, acids, alkalis, solvents, slurries, emulsions, mixtures of liquids and solids, resins, powders and many more are handled without problems.
Conductive versions for ATEX applications are available.

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