Verderair VA High Pressure -, Drum – and Split manifold Pumps

The Verderair range includes a series of special pump models for specific applications relevant in many industries and application areas.

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Verderair VA high pressure diaphragm pumps

Double diaphragm pumps have a maximum air pressure rating of 8.4 bar. Verderair now offer a series of high pressure pumps (up to 16 bar liquid pressure) with the same benefits and features as the reliable VA series of pumps.

Verderair VA Drum pumps

For the emptying of all kind of chemicals from small barrels, containers, canisters and drums (approx. 200l), (acid or lye) a double diaphragm pump is a very good alternative for a conventional rod drum pump.

Verderair diaphragm pump with split manifold

For the pumping of two liquids with one pump or for mixing two liquids with a 50-50 ratio