Verderair double diaphragm pumps; excellent drum pumps

Verderair air operated diaphragm pumps are excellent drum pumps.Conventional drum pumps such as rod pumps are good tank emptying systems. For the emptying of small barrels, containers, canisters and drums (approx. 200 l) of all kind of chemicals such as acids or lye a double diaphragm pump is a very good alternative to a conventional rod drum pump. Diaphragm pumps can pump corrosive, viscous and abrasive fluids with ease.

Because of the working principle of a double diaphragm pump, corrosive, viscous and abrasive fluids can be transferred with ease. These are air driven pumps therefore no overpressure protection systems are needed. The maximum discharge pressure will be equal to the supplied air pressure.

As other drum pump systems the Verderair drum pump is of sealless design ensuring leak free operation.