Verderair high pressure double diaphragm pumps

All standard Verderair VA diaphragm pumps have a maximum air pressure rating of 8.4 bar. Verderair offers also a range of high pressure models. They have the same benefits and reliable features as standard VA series models. Those pumps will generate a discharge pressure which is +/- 2 times the supplied air pressure.

Application areas for the Verderair high pressure range include milk or lime, thin slurry, chemicals and polymers and waste water and effluents in waste water treatment.

The Verderair high pressure series is especially suitable for charging filter presses. The higher the pressure that is achieved, the dryer and therefore lighter the filter cake will be. This results in cost savings of disposal of the filter cake. Verderair high pressure pumps are constructed to be self-regulating for filter press feeding. The high pressure pumps can run dry safely, will not over pressure, has an excellent self priming capability and is very easy to start up.